Textes du séminaire de J. Sapir 2008-2009. 1er semestre

Présentation par auteur


Akerlof, George, A. (2001): Behavioral Macroeconomics and Macroeconomics Behavior

Ausubel, Lawrence, M. & Cramton, Peter: Auction Design Critical for Rescue Plan

Bebchuck, Lucian, A.: A Better Plan for Adressing the Financial Crisis

Beim, David, O: Goodd Bailouts and Bad

Carmel, Jonathan: Pitfalls of the Paulson Plan

Coibon, Olivier (2006): Inflation Inertia in Sticky Information Models

Curry, Timothy & Shibut, Lynn: The Cost of the Savings and Loan Crisis: Truth and Consequences

Edlin, Aaron, S.: Quashing the Financial Firestorm

Edlin, Aaron, S.: Questionning the Treassury's $700 Billion Blank Check: An Open Letter to Secretary Paulson

Galbraith, James, K. (2008): The Collapse of Monetarism and the Irrelevance of the New Monetary Consensus

Hodgson, Geoffrey, M. (2007): The Revival of Veblenian Institutional Economics

Hodgson, Geoffrey, M.: Meanings of Methodological Individualism

Kahneman, Daniel (2002): Maps of Bounded Rationality: A Perspective on Intuitive Judgment and Choice

Kahneman, Daniel: A Psychological Perpsective on Economics

Mackenzie, Donald (2008): Wath's in a number? The Importance of LIBOR

Mah-Hui, Lim Michael (2008): Old Wine in a New Bottle: Subprime Mortgage Crisis-Causes and Consequences

Minsky, Hyman, P. (2008): Securitization

Renversez, Françoise (2008): De l'économie d'endettement à l'économie de marchés financiers 

Rosenthal, Howard, L.: Letter: Republican Opposition to Debt Reduction in Financial Crises-The Great Depression and Today

Sapir, Jacques (2003): Seven Theses for a Theory of Realist Economics

Sapir, Jacques (2008): Global Finances Account of the "Subprime" Crisis and hoow we got into it?

Sapir, Jacques: Quel niveau pour l'inflation en Russie? Importance d'un vieux débat pour la stratégie de développement de la Russie

Simon, Herbert, A. (1978): Rational Decision in Business Organizations

Stigler, George, J. (1982): The Process and Progress of Economics

Stiglitz, Joseph, E (2001): Information and the Change in the Paradigm of Economics

Stiglitz, Joseph, E: We aren't Done Yet: Comments on the Financial Crises and Bailout

Tverski, Amos & Kahneman, Daniel (1986): Rational Choice and the Framing of Decisions

Tversky, Amos & Kahneman, Daniel (1992): Advances in Prospect Theory: Cumulative Representation of Uncertainty

World Economic and Financial Survey: Containing Systemic Risks and restoring Financial Soudness

Zingales, Luigi: Why Paulson is Wrong

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