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Sujet de recherche: «Geopolitics of Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs). Protection of Assets or Economic Development: The Impact on Global Economy»

Coordonnées professionnelles

8 bis, rue du Cerf – 92190 Meudon, France


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Research Topics

  • Profile of the growing disruptive new importance of Sovereign wealth funds in the global economy. Emerging countries and oil producers are the most important source countries of Swfs. Their financial powers extend over more banking networks and a broader range of financial categories than those of any other country.
  • This is a new insight study to examine how Swfs use their power. A survey of major Swfs carried out for this study provides the data to create a new profile and comparative analysis of these primary source countries of new financial power.
  • Of particular interest is to determine the extent to which Swfs from developed and emerging economies serve as alternate financial market political channels for a new paradigm in international relations. Thus, global economy and industry are offered a perspective on the split of economic return in geopolitics targets of the Swfs and how this medium is used in their competitive sector as a tool for new financial rules in light of a new geoeconomy both in international law and international relations.
  • The key research objective is to define new terminology and measures to understand how Swfs determine fresh geopolitics and whether there are threats in Western weak economies.


  • 2007: Center of GeoStrategy Ens / Sorbonne’s  Master of Geopolitics M II (Cum Laude). The University of Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne.
  • 1980: The University of Paris II - Assas. Law School (CAPA. Institut d’études judiciaires), admitted  to practice, Paris Bar.
  • 1980: The University of Paris II- Assas. LLM

Professional Experience



  • Geostrategy/Geoeconomy analysis.Transactional experience as counsel. Litigation and  international trade.
  • Contract development and negotiations. Strategic planning and analysis. Business, Technology & Outsourcing Transactions. Strategic and economic intelligence, including joint ventures, competitive intelligence, alliances, technology licensing,trade secrets, development agreements.

Area of Expertise

  • International Economic Law. EU law. Watch, Military, and Economic intelligence. Geostrategy/Geoeconomy  analysis.
  • Adaptive efficiency and financial development. Contracts and contractual enforcement
  • Legal framework for financing operations and guarantees (drafting, advisory support, conclusion of contracts and completion of all related legal formalities).
  • International code of conduct on Government’s policy pertaining to financial sector (FATF).

Recent Trainings, Developments and Achievements

  • 2007-  OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (DELSA).  Consultant. Consultancy Report on OECD Guidelines implementation for multinational enterprises (MNEs).
  • 2006/2007- CAS. Centre d’analyse stratégique. French Centre for Strategic Analysis (DIS) Département Institutions et Société. Consultancy Report on Nanotechnology Policy & Industry.

Current Academic Position


2005-2008:  Lecturer, Ecole Supérieure de Vente. CCIV Versailles. European Economic Law.

Language Skills

  • French: Native speaker
  • English: Fluent
  • Spanish : Fluent
  • Russian: Studying
  • Arabic : Studying

Current Research Interests


International Relations

  • Economic Relations between the European Union and the Near East
  • Evolution of conflicts in the region. Libya and Iran. Economics and Geopolitics
  • International Economic Cooperation

Economies of the Arab and Islamic World

  • FDI, financial flows MEDA/ MENA countries.
  • Financial Instruments and Islamic Finance.
  • Investments (QIZ).

Computer Skills


Full command of Word and the Internet; familiarity with Excel, PowerPoint

Interests and Activities


  • Travels: Extensive foreign travels both for business and pleasure  throughout Europe – Near & Middle-East – India – Africa – Madagascar  – USA – Latin America. 
  • Sports: Aviation–Paragliding–Diving–Skiing–Mountaineering.
  • Politics


LADYSS. Université Paris 7
MSH (Maison des Sciences de l'Homme)

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